December 18, 2017

Haulover Beach in Miami Beach, Florida

Welcome to the top clothing optional beach in the United States, Haulover Beach!
Haulover Beach has been mentioned in many top 10 lists of the best nude beaches in the world by numerous travel publications, such as Trip Advisor, The Travel Channel, CBS News, and more. Visit our page, Haulover Beach in the News to read all about it!

The weather at Haulover Beach is almost always phenomenal, and there are a ton of hotels with in walking distance for you to stay at…

Haulover Beach Park contains one of south Florida’s most beautiful clothing optional beaches–a 0.4 mile stretch of beach on the northern portion that draws people from all walks of life, from other states, Canada and a variety of other countries. Nestled between the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, it has pristine white sand shores, open ocean surf, various shaded picnic facilities, beautifully landscaped sand dunes, and concession stands. The beach is ideal for surfing as well as swimming.


Thousands of people come to Haulover Beach on a sunny day. Simply put, Haulover Beach is one of the best clothing-optional beaches in the world, as ranked by many online and print publications. As many as 7,000 people visit the beach in a single day. Because clothing is optional, some visitors remained clothed.

Although Haulover Nude Beach is only a small portion of the larger Haulover Beach Park, approximately 66% to 85% of visitors use the nude beach area. Therefore, it is quite friendly to people who want to go nude. Haulover Nude Beach is situated between the Intercostal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean and is part of Haulover Beach Park.

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4 Comments on Haulover Beach in Miami Beach, Florida

  1. is haulover beach going to be part of the attempt again like in 2009 and going for the world record for skinny dipping? and where is it going to online that this is the case, i wanted to link to that information for others to see. even though this site lists HAULOVER the information doesnt indicate if haulover is going to be part of it or not.
    type in 33154 or even 33131 and haulover will come up on the list that appears. the date of the world record challenge i think is july 10th,2010.
    my email address for anyone that has more info on this please email me, thank you. hal

  2. Hi, I will be making my annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage to Haulover. My friend is not coming this time so I am looking for someone who would like to split the room at the Ocean Palm. I will have the room from 11/26 to 12/1. The cost with tax is around $100 a night so that would be about $50 each. There is a kitchenette and it’s about a 5 minute walk down the beach to Haulover.

    I am friendly and am open to anyone no matter their sex or sexuality. It’s all about the beach and the beautiful water.

    Also, if you know someone who is coming down or a better place to post this, please let me know.


  3. Today i was at haulover, for the first time even though i have been in the area for 5 yrs. I am a nudist and to see hundreds on the baech one with nature, on the beach, and in the water, from all over the world, it was the greats thing yet. It’s a shame that more people aren’t open to the nudist ways, they would have so much more less stress, and enjoy the water and the air and the sand so much more. tks again for having such a place to come with my friends, and have a great day on the beach.

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