February 19, 2018

Real Talk: Is Nudism Sexual?

Blog Post By Katie J. One of the most common misconceptions about naturism, nudism or clothing-optional environments is that they’re sexually-charged environments. If that’s what you’re looking for, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Does Nudity Equal Sex? It depends on the context. If I’m stripping down in my bedroom in front of my husband after coming home from a date night, you bet your buns that nudity in that situation is going to equal sex. We’re two consenting adults behind closed doors (or fences, hello backyard!) where nobody can see us. Now, let’s go back a few years when I [READ MORE]

What If My Body’s Not Perfect?

Blog Post by Katie J. It’s a question we get asked frequently by women and men.¬†One of the common misconceptions is that you have to look “perfect” or have a “great body” in order to go to a clothing-optional beach like Haulover Beach. It’s also been said that “everyone at a nude beach is everyone who should be wearing clothes.” That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The fact is that unless you’re a professional model, we’re all going to have extra fat, scars, you name it. Friends tell me all the time, “I’d love to join you at the [READ MORE]